Christian Friends of Shalva Caring for God's Special Children
SHALVA, the Association for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children in Israel, believes that every child is the head and not the tail, no matter what their challenge. SHALVA celebrates special needs children and equips them to fulfill their destiny!
Located in Jerusalem, SHALVA creates an environment of love, respect and hope for the mentally and physically challenged and handicapped children in Israel. SHALVA partners with those families who have chosen life and invests in the future of these children.
The Joseph Project Visits Shalva!
Your support of SHALVA
Blesses Israel's children
Gives a voice to special needs children
Supports families who have chosen life
Provides a testimony of Christian love to the Jewish state of Israel
SHALVA's Mission
SHALVA helps carry the burden of Israel's families
with special needs children, while encouraging them that
with a little help, their child can reach milestones beyond their
expectations! As Believers, we are helping SHALVA help these children.