Christian Friends of Shalva Caring for God's Special Children


The Shalva center houses special needs children - the most amazing thing that I've ever seen. It changed my heart. We adopted four special needs children. It's the heart of God.

Kim Clement
Kim Clement Ministries

We came to know about Shalva personally when one of our members and long-time friends' grandson was in need of their services. Daniel was born with Down syndrome and lives in Jerusalem. When you are personally involved you get a better, firsthand perspective of the organization. Shalva is life giving and impacts those they serve. Everything they do comes from a genuine heart of love and compassion. With an excellence that is second to none and a professional staff caring for the developmentally challenged, they are respecters of all people groups regardless of race, creed or origin. What better way to support the nation of Israel than through Shalva, an organization that cares for those who are so dear to the heart of God? 

Fran Mangano
Holy Mountain Ministries
Staten Island, NY

We have known of Shalva for five years and have been supporting this amazing and wonderful work for three years. We have been privileged to have a representative of Shalva come to Wales to speak about the love and care given to the children and their families. We have also taken groups to Shalva and have been moved by all that is being done to help and support, not only the children, but their parents and family members. We were also impacted by the high standard of that care and the fact that it is open to all with no religious, racial or financial barriers.

Michael Fryer
Father's House
Wales, UK

"Love never fails."

1 Corinthians 13:8